Leonard James(non-registered)
David, I’ve been browsing through your website and I love your bird photographs. I too have a similar interest in bird photography and enjoy the beauty and variety of your images. I live in Roseville and have had the pleasure of taking photos in Ferrari Ranch Park in Lincoln, as well as Sacramento Wildlife Refuge and a couple of other places you have photographed. I was introduced to your website by Wayne Hopkins who spoke very fondly of your work. I have to agree with him, your work is outstanding.
Katie Lynch(non-registered)
Thank You Dave, I can feel myself almost with you watching !!
Jim Thompson(non-registered)
Stunning photos David!
Fred and Pauline(non-registered)
Stunning photos--a privilege to know you and to have access to the great work (avocation) that you do.
Mike Marculescu(non-registered)
Wonderful photo's.
Lena Labosky(non-registered)
Your photos are just magnificent! I thought had surely gone to Africa or South America for all of these, until I looked closer! The highlighting you have done to the birds and animals, to bring out their beauty is wonderful. Keep up the good work!
morrow moore(non-registered)
thank you
John Kros(non-registered)
Very nice photography, great variety of birds. Good Job!
Larry & Marilyn Pritchard(non-registered)
Your photos are beyond beautiful! You capture the "feel" to whatever you're taking a picture of.
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